WELL THEN EVERYBODY. who wants to see me and phil adventure through your beautiful world of horrifying images, flower crowns & fanfiction?! *hits upload*

i warn you. if you are not a veteran of this website - some things you see may never be unseen.

Thursday Jul 11 09:01pm

Dan talks about fandoms and liking something so much that you start to hate it. 

Saturday Oct 13 02:25am

Danisnotonfire - I Can’t Sleep (click here to watch the video!)

Friday Aug 31 08:32pm

Danisnotonfire talks caring too much about other people’s feelings.

Thursday Aug 23 11:10pm

Dan and Phil play Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1

Thursday Aug 16 11:47pm

it felt almost as awkward as it looks. fml
click here to watch the video 'Truth or Dare 4' :D

Saturday Aug 11 08:52pm

Dan plays Truth or Dare with the internet.

Friday Aug 10 11:18pm

The Emotional Drunk

click here to watch '5 Kinds of Drunk People'! :D

Friday Aug 3 09:30pm

Which one are you? 

Click here to watch the video '5 Kinds of Drunk People'! :D

Thursday Aug 2 09:23pm

danisnotonfire talks about the ‘5 Kinds of Drunk People’ :D

Thursday Aug 2 12:48am