I no longer want to live in fear of expressing myself. Here’s some opinions ..ON OPINIONS.

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Tuesday Oct 14 10:13pm

want to see how annoying 12 year old dan really is? here is the entire horrifying experience of 'DO NOT CLICK'

Thursday Sep 25 07:38pm

so i made myself a website when i was 12 and IT’S STILL ON THE INTERNET

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Monday Sep 22 11:07pm

phil and i attempted to play Portal 2 co-op but phil with phil wearing a blindfold it dID NOT GO VERY WELL

Wednesday Sep 17 10:39pm

new gaming video! our first HEAD TO HEAD BATTLE in Mortal Kombat Trilogy. contains strong violence ..and possibly language (sorry).

Monday Sep 15 12:37am

it’s official! we have a joint gaming channel - DanAndPhilGAMES

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Friday Sep 12 09:21pm


Friday Sep 12 09:02pm

The latest ‘reason why Dan’s a fail’ that ruins my life - I mumble.

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Sunday Aug 17 04:50pm

This is the story of the worst day of my life. The time I got sun stroke.

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Thursday Jul 31 03:12am

Dan gives questionable advice for all of your problems in INTERNET SUPPORT GROUP 3!

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Thursday Jun 19 12:26am