Dare: Do a makeup tutorial using only things found in your bathroom.

  • Step One: Apply a base coat of dry shampoo to not only your hair, but your face.
  • Step Two: Use toothpaste to fill in and accentuate your eyebrows.
  • Step Three: Use indigestion tablets to give your eyebrows that little touch of browjazzle. If you don’t have indigestion tablets, anything small and ridiculous looking will do!
  • Step Four: Use conditioner to give your face that freshly gleaming I’ve-just-been-in-a-really-inappropriate-situation look.
  • Step Five: Apply Clearasil to your cheeks really highlight your cheekbones and define the shape of your face.
  • Step Six: Now you can begin applying those bottle tops and lids that have been lying around your bathroom floor for days.
  • Step Seven: For a really authentic look, add a toothbrush mustache to really tie together the overall look. 
  • Step Eight: To complete the look, shred up your favourite brand of toilet paper, and stick it to your face. Why not be adventurous and scrunch it up into balls too?

And there you have it! Eight simple steps to get that summery I’ve-just-been-beaten-up-in-my-bathroom look.  

Click here to watch the video ‘Truth or Dare 4’! :D 

Sunday Aug 12 06:54pm
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